Would you like to feel much more energised, vibrant and feminine?

When the body literally experiences what it is like to completely switch off and relax, it gently opens allowing more of our natural energy to flow.  

You may be at a stage in your life where you don't want to 'learn' another technique or modality to get yourself into a balanced state.  Here you get to experience a way of life, a way of being that you can bring into your day to day life.  Even if you have a demanding job, you will experience being able to approach this in a more feminine manor, which in turn makes you more effective, and leaves you with more energy than before.

Over time with a deeper relaxation, you can begin to Uncover your Unique Essence, what you deeply enjoy and love and are drawn to in this life. This is made possible once we step off the hamster-wheel of life and give ourselves the time and space to just be.  We share our experiences creating deeper connections with ourselves and others, freeing up our energy that has been blocked from working hard and being in environments that do not allow for femininty to flourish 


Ready to Nourish Your Soul?

Discover a new way to live, from your feminine essence 

Lisa Thomas


fter suffering from burnout several times, Lisa embarked on a jouney of learning all about energy,  and how to live life maximising her own life force energy.  Creating time and space, and learning from her teachers what is important in this lifetime, and what is conditioned responses which makes the majority of us feel like energy and time is limited.  She is passionate about providing spaces for women to nourish their body and soul, which brings back their natural vibrancy and essence.  Each woman within her has so many gifts and treasures, however they need the right environment and people around them to start to flourish


Others say............


Lisa is one of the most powerful energy workers I’ve met. She has an ability to get into the nuances of an issue, bringing a deeper understanding to any challenge that allows for shifts to be made and alignment to occur. She works very much in the area of flow, helping you to open your perspective, broaden your view, welcome in more and get into a state of relaxed awareness that invites things to come to you easily rather than fighting and hustling to get to them. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her and a game changer in helping me to access the stillness within where the most powerful aspects of my intuition lives..

Tash Mitch - Life and Business Coach, Energy Creatrix

Uncover your Unique Essence Immersion Program

Retreat and Online Session "Uncover your Unique Essence"


6 week Immersion Program - Including 2 retreats to nourish your body and soul and Online Group and 1-1 Sessions to deepen open up your life to experience more richness and femininity .