Uncover your Unique Essence Immersion

6 Week Immersion of two retreats, and online sessions

  • Do you feel like you would love  to feel more nourished and connected in life?
  • Have you worked hard all of your life and are now ready to feel your own energy more?
  • Do you feel that you have been rushing around, meeting other people's deadlines and are ready to completely be supported in see?
  • Do you feel your are selling your soul on some level,  with no time to tend to your true nature?
  • If so you are on the cusp of transformation, like many other women throughout the world.
  • Having focussed on the masculine way of being in the workforce, millions of women are discovering this leaves them feeling burned out, lacking feminine flow.
  • I suspect you are experiencing a confusion of knowing you want to take a softer, more feminine route, but are completely  unsure how to even start introducing this into your daily life.

For example: you 

  • Feel like you are on a hamster wheel, unable to even enjoy your time off.
  • Feel disconnected around others, longing for deeper friendships, where you are supported to grow
  • Lack of lust for life?
  • Feel like you would love to transform your life, but feel your current circle of people would not support this.
  • Feel under-nourished by life and know there is so much more you are ready to experience.


The Retreat and Session Immersion


Your 6 week Program - Uncover your Unique Essence - Nourish your Body and Soul

  • Weekend retreat , in beautiful Uk Countryside
  • 7 Group online womens sharing sessions
  • 6 personal one-to-one energy online sessions
  • 6 day retreat in luxury villa in Bali

Uk weekend retreat

You will arrive on Friday evening in the glorious countryside.  We will soak in the hot tub, and, afterwards come together for a beautiful organic meal. 

Group Sessions

Creating a supportive network of women, and meeting with the same women each week, who are embarking on a similar journey.  We will create a non-judgemental intention, and with each woman holding a vision for your intentions, your life will transform so much deeper than trying to do this on your own

One-to-one Weekly Sessions

This is entirely for you, confidential and designed to help you bring into your reality the intention you have set for the whole program.  

And finally a Beautiful 6 days in Bali

  • Immerse in the beautiful Balinese nature, stay in a luxury villa
  • Soak your body in Mineral Springs
  • Experience fire ceremony
  • Tea Ceremonies
  • You will have the opportunity to learn  how to cook nourishing vegetarian food.
  • Complete digital detox - align your body rhythm to nature
  • Visit stunning waterfalls and beaches

You will experience:

  • How energy works and how different experiences affect your own energy.
  • How to arrange your living space and work space in a way that makes you feel more alive and clear.
  • Uncover the real way you would love to dress, that is right for you and brings out your femininity
  • The very best food to eat that really right fo your body to flourish so you look and feel more vibrant
  • Realign your body to the natural rhythms found in nature. Feel a deeper peace and stillness.

Book A Discovery call

Bring your intention, open up the energy for a shift to start to take place, and lets see if this is the program for you! You will still gain from having this call, as each conversation is a step closer to your desired outcome

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Start opening up your possibilities for change today !

A whole conversation focussed on your life and your intentions